indigenous peoples day

Indigenous People's Day 2020 offers a chance to reflect on the destructive effects of colonialism and the enduring power of traditional ways of life.
They may not agree on much, but some in Congress can agree that it's time to do away with Columbus Day.
"There is power in a name and in who we choose to honor,” Maine Gov. Janet Mills said Friday.
“It is a time to reflect on our understanding of our country’s history, both the good and the bad,” a New Mexico lawmaker said earlier this year when his state made the same change.
More and more cities are ditching Columbus Day & instead celebrating Indigenous Peoples Day.
The explorer's holiday — and his statues — must go.
I took a step toward reconciliation after learning about the violence inflicted upon my ancestors.
Los Angeles has joined a number of cities renaming the Columbus Day holiday.
During a fifteen-minute break from performances, supporters gathered around tables to sign the petition urging the University