indigenous rights

While other women are being heard in the Me Too era, native women are quietly going missing in life, in the media and in the data.
For these leaders, saving grizzlies is a matter of religious freedom.
James Douglas Langston, James Cook University Deforestation has historically been the price of development, but the world
Russia’s northern Indigenous people have reason to view their national parks system with suspicion. Park boundaries are sometimes
Hundreds of environmental activists have been killed all throughout Latin America as the world largely remains silent.
An indigenous community living under siege has become a flashpoint in the fight against climate change.
“As much as this is an ecological crisis, it is a moral failing of our society," one protester said.
Although pressure from resource companies has redefined many local communities and created divisions between generations
Residents of Clyde River, Nunavut, hope to quash a government permit for underwater oil and gas exploration with claims that
Clergy condemned a 15th century document that paved the way for Christian colonization of the Americas.
The Uruguayan writer, Eduardo Galeano, used the term los nadies, the nobodies. Nobodies can be ignored and ruled, removed
Some call it a historic step, others say it's not enough.