indigenous women

Native American women are disappearing and being killed. Savanna’s Act will help bring them some justice.
Around the world, a vibrant and active grassroots movement is demanding a place at the environmental table for the intersecting concerns of women's rights, Indigenous rights, and climate justice.
Why Gender & Conservation? Gender is a social construct. While not immutable nor universal, gender shapes expectations, attributes
A shocking number of homicide and disappearance cases remain unresolved after decades.
We work to raise awareness among indigenous women, firstly about this virus, how it is transmitted and how to avoid infection
[1] Ministerio de Trabajo, Empleo y Previsión Social, UNICEF, ILO (2014) Estudio sobre Trabajo Doméstico de Niños, Niñas
New numbers are more than three times higher than the force's initial counts.
On Mother's Day 2013, women around the world will be celebrated for the immeasurable contributions they make to their children