Ever had food cravings? Felt like you'd fight someone for the first and last piece of pizza? Felt like if you didn't eat
Stomach cramps. Gas. Bloating. Whether it’s a certain food that just didn’t sit well with you, overeating, anxiety, or a
Yesterday morning I was absorbed in to-do details yakking at me. I thought I was managing the clamor fairly well. But then
Last night we went to an Italian restaurant. The food was delicious but by the time we got home my stomach felt like it had been inflated with a bicycle pump. I hung my tongue out, airing my taste buds. 'Too much garlic,' I said. This happens all the time. We have a nice dinner and then we suffer.
When 19-year-old Daniel Tamburro from West Midlands, UK was experiencing heartburn, he never expected that the symptom meant
While acid reflux is very common, it is far from insignificant. If you're chugging a pink drink or chewing up antacid tablets twice a week or more, pay attention.
Really? There's no choice but to eat food that we know is robbing us of our health and making us fat? 'Activia' aside, if you want to optimize your health, you simply must return to the basics of healthy food.