Individuals with Disabilities Education Act

After a previous HuffPost report, the state has issued guidance saying such practices are illegal, violating the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act and state Department of Education regulations.
Disability rights advocates were concerned that U.S. Secretary of Education was going to attempt to gut the law.
Special education groups are taking issue with waivers from schools — but the districts say they're necessary in this unprecedented time.
"With schools closed during the coronavirus pandemic, parents of children with disabilities are facing a new set of challenges."
By Annika Grassl The ability to advocate for yourself and others is increasingly important in today’s social and political
Across the country, black and Latino children with special needs are far less likely to graduate than their white peers.
They're capable of the work. School leaders and teachers just don't always believe it.
Our education system is failing students with special needs.
Secretary of Education Betsy Devos says that students in the US attend schools that are a “mundane malaise that dampens dreams