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SoulCycle - Multiple locations All about indoor cycling - and the internal journey you experience with each class. It's a
There were riders of all fitness backgrounds in our class -- even one very visibly pregnant woman. Indoor cycling requires some basic cardio fitness, but since you control your bike's resistance and your cadence, ultimately it's a highly-scalable workout.
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While most New Year's resolutions take time, energy and planning, there are quick changes that you can make today that can improve your well-being and put you in the driver's seat on the journey to a new and improved you.
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Exercising under the best of circumstances is hard enough. Compound these daily obstacles with the pitfalls of aging, and getting or staying in shape can become an uphill climb.
Has your relationship with a gym ever atrophied? Have your visions of a beach body ever become blurry? Whatever the case, maintaining a workout regime is often more difficult than actually starting one