Did you know six states have now made it a crime to film or take photos of activities in any industrial slaughterhouse or megafarm factory floor?
Organics fans usually have lots of great stuff to say about their food! However, the government doesn't regulate word-of-mouth advertising, so can shoppers really trust the buzz?
Our discussions raised critical questions: How do conventional and organic farming and manufacturing processes impact food quality? What toxins are present in raw and processed products? How does milling and cooking alter nutrient composition?
For the love of God and guns, sex and sunlight, iPhones and puppies and all that you hold dear, please please please do not eat this new and completely repulsive food-like item you see before you. Can't you see it's made of chemicals and fat and dead, lost dreams?
The latest agreement between HSUS and UEP appears to offer little in terms of animal welfare, yet much in terms of positive PR.
If we direct our resources toward the modes of production that most efficiently boost levels of food, and the livelihoods of the rural poor, we will meet the challenges of both production and access.
CAFOs are a perverse inversion of our idea of family farms with pigs rolling in the mud, cows grazing in pastures, roosters crowing from fence posts, and farmers interacting with the animals.