industrial revolution

Cutting taxes for the wealthy does not amount to an investment in the middle class, and it neglects the looming issue of job displacement in our tech-driven world.
Former Texas regulator Kathleen Hartnett White, unsurprisingly, is a hard-line climate science denier.
No one seems to really know what to do with the woman who doesn’t fit anywhere.
Our political system is out of touch with the reality of our world.
The need for a filling breakfast meant that eggs would serve as breakfast’s primary protein — uniting workers of the world.
With the coming of artificial intelligence, we are going to repeat that revolution. Instead of merely harnessing 250 virtual
So this is good news. The Fourth Industrial Revolution has finally opened up a new era to the human race challenging us to
The concept of economic growth with limited labour input is a radical departure from anything we are familiar with. The concept
For better, or for worse, the fourth industrial revolution is indeed at the gates. Let us brace for what will be the most disruptive era in human history.
Maybe it's an extreme version of our ego, but by creating intelligent beings perhaps we're not only questioning what it means to be human, but also showing how powerful and godlike we are.
If the U.S. does not like the way China does business, it is of course free to do business somewhere else, but that would be a really bad idea for America.
Your ancestors probably woke up in the middle of the night. So why does it seem like a big deal when it happens today?
The Swiss mountain town of Davos has gone quiet. About a fortnight ago, however, it was abuzz with talk of the fourth industrial revolution: Robots, 3D-printed human organs, driverless cars. Soon it will be time to turn to another global confab, to celebrate India's preparations to embrace the first industrial revolution.
In our formative stages, we human beings lived in an aboriginal state of tune with the horrors and favors, beauty and beasts of nature. The evolution of our brain and its attendant senses allowed us to survive, helped us to thrive, and finally potentiated our transformation into the dominant predator on the planet.
3 Competing for a Spouse Accumulating wealth so as to attract a wife is one motive for hard work by men in many societies
LILLE, France -- The Internet of Things and the path to the zero marginal cost society is already coming into being. Much remains to be implemented, but we can say for certain that a movement has been launched.