Pain caused by the trade war Trump started with China already is landing hardest on his voters.
The investigation could lead to new U.S. tariffs similar to those imposed on imported steel and aluminum in March.
As a Senate aide in 2005, Andrew Wheeler went after state air pollution regulators for opposing his boss's bill.
The predominance of corporate interests underscores the ongoing tension between the party's centrist and progressive wings.
While scandals in politics, entertainment and media have generated headlines, Sen. Patty Murray wants to shine a light on other workplaces.
It's unclear exactly how much Zinke's shares in PROOF Research Inc. are worth, but his relationship to the Montana company raises questions of access.
By 7 p.m. Saturday, both the Senate and the House resigned themselves to failure and agreed to resume work on Sunday.
His nuclear posture review, if implemented, would waste tens of billions of dollars and make nuclear conflict more likely.
Ady Barkan used his new following to get help -- and draw attention to the flaws in our health care system.