Admittedly, Honda and Chevrolet are very different brands, but both are using racing to refine the cars we drive every day
If you didn't already know, well then let me explain it to you- I'm a gear-head. Now for the main attraction, my video... keep
His donated organs are already helping others.
Wilson was in a coma after he crashed during a race on Sunday.
Wilson crashed after hitting debris during the race.
After a tough month of May, and a hard-fought finish in the 2015 Indianapolis 500, IndyCar driver Pippa Mann took a second checkered flag later that day when her #GetInvolved campaign completed -- with a surprise result.
It's difficult enough to navigate highways during rush hour, so it's unbelievable to imagine zipping around a race track at speeds of over 150 mph, with cars of equivalent speeds tailing just inches from your bumper.