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We are at the end of our breastfeeding journey and I’m really conflicted about it.  On one hand, I can do things again like
Just like family, friends and even strangers felt free to touch your stomach and offer their opinions during your pregnancy, people won't hesitate to comment on the decisions you make for your infant. Frankly, it can be overwhelming.
"One thing led to another," said Evoniuk. "We were just kind of following an interesting question not thinking we were going
The learning curve of parenthood is steep. There are too many things that we're supposed to know, and not enough daylight hours in which to learn them.
What do we do after we've diapered, fed, swaddled, cuddled, rocked, sung, de-swaddled, re-diapered, bounced, swung and walked the floor? What do we do if we've emptied our entire bag of infant-calming tricks and nothing works?
We believe that investments in national and economic development should use the growth of children as the best and most accurate yardstick to measure success.
Once you become a parent, your Facebook personality often grows a new life as well. Suddenly, you possess an unbeatable way to share pictures of your little one, an avenue to join the crusade against those unsafe sippy cups, and a virtual pub to consort with others who are up at the ungodly hours you're now intimately familiar with.
It is impossible to use the suction bulb correctly on your own baby without feeling like some sort of Medieval Grand Inquisitor. He's his father's son, stoic even under the most cruel and unusual torture. I, meanwhile, fight tears and the urge to self-flagellate when this is all over.