infant mortality rate

It turns out that solutions exist to preventing a significant percentage of the tragedies that cause all of this suffering and handwringing. A new Public Citizen report recounts childbirth safety initiative undertaken by four organizations in the past 15 years that have generated striking results.
On a recent trip to Cuba I determined to find out how that country manages to have an infant mortality rate well below that of the U.S., with dramatically fewer resources than we have.
Detroit's infant mortality rate is now higher than any other state and is above that of Mexico, China and Thailand.
Save the Children, an organization that advocates for the health and well-being of children, released a new report that found
In that report, the United States falls behind 68 other countries, including Mexico, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait, in terms of
The infant mortality declined significantly throughout the 20th century, but then plateaued between 2000 and 2005, according
But we’re not done fighting yet. Infant Mortality FACT: Every day, more than 19,000 children die from preventable causes
UNRWA has experienced tremendous success in improving maternal health and reducing child mortality. They have enabled mothers to take ownership of their health. Their children also have access to regular medical care. But, this doesn't mean that the story ends here.
The White Ribbon Alliance is bringing real and rapid change across Africa and Asia; holding governments accountable for pledges made and helping to release government funds, and ensure these are spent properly so that thousands of lives are saved.
Victoria Castro may only be 15 years-old, but this has not stopped her from already having saved several lives.