Paul Perez, 57, was about to be freed from prison on unrelated crimes when charged with the infants’ deaths.
Activists say an essay by McCain and Sen. Ben Sasse makes abortion “claims that are not based in medicine or reality.”
As a tourist in Lhasa 24 years ago, Blake Kerr witnessed Chinese soldiers and police massacring unarmed Tibetans, inspiring him to begin documenting the underside of China's military occupation of Tibet.
PATNA (AFP) -- Fifteen female foetuses have been found in jars left on a rubbish dump, Indian police said Monday, days after
Without enough women, some Indian girls from poor areas are being sold as wives to higher caste men. Often these girls service more than one male and are kept essentially as sex slaves.
David Cunningham premiered his latest film, Hakani, on the Big Island last night and I joined 100 or so guests to screen