Researchers at Purdue University have used a crawling robot baby to discover that infants are exposed to four times as many airborne microbes than adults.
4. Is there such a thing as a "stress-proof kid?" 5. Do you have any recommendations for parents to help their kids cope
The goal of sleep training is to teach children the skills required to successfully self-sooth; and helping them learn these
the baby develops security that his caregivers will always come when he needs them. a baby's cry stimulates a hormone called
Dear new mom, I hope you are ensconced in adorable snuggles and kisses as you gaze into the eyes of your newborn baby. I
This is not meant as a snub of non-members. There are lots of clubs I will never belong to. I will never have a daughter. I may never be a grandmother. I will never get into the club for men, Asians, twins or former Miss Americas. But my world was rocked when I got my mom card.
From birth, needs, wishes, and intentions are expressed in sounds and body movements. Actually, even in utero, the way a fetus moves around in different ways demonstrates to the pregnant mother her baby-to-be has a beginning temperament.
I stopped nursing after four weeks, stopped pumping at 11 weeks, and truly, deeply started enjoying motherhood to the fullest
  We all expect, when we have that newborn baby in our arms, the sleepless nights. The nights of feeding, rocking and waking
Teens can be quite sensitive to feeling heard. They enjoy being greeted when they come home from school but not questioned about their day, especially grades when they first walk in the door. Let them tell you in their own time about what they are doing with their friends, their feelings about kids they like and don't like and why they feel that way.
When I learned I was pregnant, I knew my pain would affect my parenting, but I didn’t realize just how significantly.
I was feeling frustrated the other day and I couldn't exactly put my finger on why, but then it hit me: I am the dumping ground. I knew it, but I didn't really know it. You know?
I asked Amanda what her family wanted people to know about CMV. She wants everyone to know that it is common, preventable and treatable. OB doctors in this country are not routinely educating soon-to-be parents about the disease but everyone has a right to know how to prevent transmission of the virus during pregnancy.
Eating your own poo is considered a faux pas. Please stop. And playing with your own urine is only considered acceptable in certain very small circles, so probably best to cut that out, too.
4. Let people help you. Consider all offers of help. Choose the nonjudgmental people that surround you who are willing to
This is an excerpt from Unlocking Parental Intelligence: Finding Meaning in Your Child's Behavior, by psychoanalyst Laurie
SAHDs and Infant Daughters Four Tips for Relating to Your Grade-School-Age Girl 1.Girls love praise from their dads. When