Education about sexually transmitted infections is an important way to prevent the spread.
Donald Greene Sr., and his son, Donald Greene II allegedly sold body parts on the black market they knew were contaminated with infectious diseases.
Louisiana and Washington want to pay a flat fee to hepatitis C drug makers, such as Gilead, AbbVie and Merck, for unlimited meds each year.
By Oghenekaro Omodior and Daniel Becker, Indiana University/The Conversation Life in a single-family home in suburban America
Hepatitis C kills far more Americans than any other infectious disease.
If any other disease was creating such havoc, we'd work to develop a vaccine ASAP. Not so with climate change.
It is my hope that on World TB Day, all who care about ending the disease will demand that their leaders act.
All are continuing the research project, working on the ground in Guinea. Until June 2018 at least, they are working with
Choosing an IUD as a contraceptive device can be a difficult decision. Despite the device’s proven effectiveness, some women may not know fact from fiction. We’re here to set you straight and debunk some of the biggest misconceptions surrounding IUDs.
We treat herpes as a punishment or a punchline, when really it's a simple fact of being a sexually active person.
The Donald Trump infection is a relatively new strain of superbug called trumpococcus teapartius. It is highly resistant to antibiotics or reason, so the body politic must rely on its white cells to fight off the infection.
Hand, foot and mouth disease is a highly infectious skin disease that occurs in infants and children younger than ten years
Many puppy owners are understandably confused by conflicting opinions on whether it's best to keep pups isolated from other animals until they are fully immunized, or whether insuring they are properly socialized during the critical developmental stage of 4 to 16 weeks is more important.
In Uganda, sore throats -- strep, actually -- are so common that kids don't complain about it and aren't treated for it. This can create problems in their heart valves. And for some children, each round of strep causes more problems to those valves.
Since about 88 percent of all infections are transmitted by hands, a review of the WHO's Five Moments for Hand Hygiene is imperative. Most importantly, in the home, in schools and most importantly - in hospitals and doctor's offices.
After the initial fog lifted after my father's death, I began to consider my own vulnerability to more and more complicated complications that might arise out of my initial diagnosis, my treatment and all of the surgeries and hospital stays that followed.
We human beings are very attached to our brains. We’re proud of them – of their size and their complexity. We think our brains
So now that the Affordable Care Act is set in stone, the next step is the provision contained which allows individual states to choose how best to implement the law.
Here's why you shouldn't sign documents affecting your children's rights to receive compensation for injuries caused by a business without first consulting your family lawyer.