infectious disease

A high-level U.N. meeting next week may jolt efforts to fight the treatable, curable disease.
Ebola. MERS. Zika. Nipah virus. Lassa fever. Rift Valley fever. All were in active outbreaks in June.
Early cases of the virus were different from those today.
A far more infectious airborne strain is hitting cities hard.
It could lead to a less-risky polio vaccine that doesn't require the actual virus to work.
Bacteriophages -- viruses found in soil, water and human waste -- may be the cure in a post-antibiotic world.
Villagers keep the guppies in barrels of water used for cleaning and cooking.
This is why herd immunity is so important.
Florida has yet to invite a dedicated team of the federal government’s disease hunters to assist with the investigation on the ground.
The infection resists the treatment of last resort, meaning "the medicine cabinet is empty for some patients," the CDC director said.