infidelity definition

The majority of people consider emotional affairs to be cheating, according to a recent poll conducted by HuffPost and YouGov
Yvonne Chase joins Caitlyn to talk about her experiences with emotional cheating, and the advice she gave married man.
Sandy Weiner joins HuffPost Live to talk about how emotional cheating ended her marriage.
Chad Miller joins HuffPost Live to talk about the emotional affair he had with a co-worker.
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Watch the video above for more of Kruger's commentary on the study. Then, click through the slides below to test your knowledge
Kissing on the lips: 88.7 E-mailing pictures of themselves naked: 88.2 Texting erotic messages: 82.6 Sleeping in the same
In this clip from a recent episode of the OWN reality show "Unfaithful," you're introduced to married couple Jillian and