Economists have expressed concern that the Fed raising interest rates last week to reduce high inflation could trigger an economic decline.
It's the first time gas prices in the United States have broken the $5 barrier, though prices have been higher in the past when inflation is taken into account.
The costs of gas, food and other necessities jumped in May, raising inflation to a new four-decade high and giving American households no respite from rising costs.
“For many countries, recession will be hard to avoid,” said David Malpass, the World Bank’s president.
Inflation, rising interest rates, the ongoing Ukraine war and the continuing pandemic are raising concerns. Here's what the economic experts say.
The "Late Show" host also looked back on the days of high-demand toilet paper in his latest monologue.
Grocery costs keep rising as food prices are predicted to increase through 2022.
Perched atop a golden throne, bedecked in some of the finest clothes in all the kingdom, Prince Charles seemed just a teensy bit out of touch as he pledged that Parliament would help families struggling with rising costs.
In a speech Tuesday, Biden focused on the issue that remains most important to the electorate.
President Joe Biden on Wednesday highlighted new figures showing the government’s red ink will grow less than expected this year and the national debt will shrink this quarter.