The cost-of-living cooled slightly after three elevated readings, likely raising hopes of interest rate cuts.
"As a kid, if your parents drove by it and stopped, you knew you were in for a treat."
Republican critics of President Joe Biden have sough to pin the blame for high prices on the president and use it as a cudgel to derail his re-election bid.
Last month’s job growth was up from a revised 270,000 in February and was far above the 200,000 jobs that economists had forecast.
Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-Ohio), an economic populist, says he is looking out for organized labor.
About 10% of price increases in recent years come from companies charging the same price -- or more -- for smaller items, a group of economists say.
Lawmakers want to make it an unfair trade practice when companies shrink food and household products but keep the price the same.
Administration officials are using the report to promote President Joe Biden's economic agenda as he campaigns for reelection — and as the IRS faces threats to its funding.
The paper boosts the controversial progressive argument that corporations are squeezing American households just because they can.
It was the most painful inflation Americans had experienced since 1981, when “The Dukes of Hazzard” and “The Jeffersons” were topping the TV charts.