The fall in the Dow Jones has triggered a sell-off in global stock markets. Here are the reasons behind it - and what they mean for you.
With this choice, the president opted against a radical break with the status quo.
After seeing the latest string of events unfold right before our eyes, many are openly pondering whether we may see hyperinflation
It is widely held that about one-third of humanity enjoys a satisfactory standard of living, materially speaking. Due to
Steven Pressman, Colorado State University and Wesley Widmaier, Griffith University However, Mexico's economy has been a
Operationally, the Trump rally reflects his plan for a big, regressive tax cut (also infrastructure investment, though see
It's no secret that the poor pay more. The poor pay more by living in food deserts, by having to drive longer distances and
The Democrats have responded to Republican criticism that they are burdening future generations with debt by making great effort to reduce deficits; this often entailed capping social expenditures.
The America I know is widely viewed more positively overseas than it was eight years ago. But when you read all those stories
Whichever party wins the White House in 2016 could find itself unable to make good on its vision and promises, reaping a whirlwind of difficulties instead.
Gold-clause contracts, in a way, release people from the chains bound upon them by legal tender laws.
Inflation can significantly affect your retirement savings. While you are working, inflation is often offset by salary adjustments, such as cost of living increases and performance raises. But in retirement, you don't have these same gains to account for inflation, making it difficult to maintain the standard of living you desire.
After the UK voted to leave the European Union in June, the pound promptly had its worst day in history against other major
One camp believes that as the UK retreats within its domestic borders, there will be a flight of capital to larger safe-haven economies, driving down the British sterling, and thereby increasing the cost of imports.
In 1933, Franklin D. Roosevelt was elected president of the United States by promising to end the Great Depression, which
A managed, floating exchange-rate regime is ill-suited for a country with weak institutions and little discipline, like Nigeria
Not thinking properly about the Future is why people who began working in 1938 are eating cat food for dinner today.  It's
The Federal Reserve's core guiding belief is that economic stimulus boosts economic growth, thus increasing employment opportunities, payrolls, tax revenues, corporate profits, retirement security and Wall Street wealth.