inflation reduction act

Tax credits that benefit the rich took effect this year, but middle-class and working families won't see rebates until next year at the earliest.
It's been a year since Biden signed the law, and America is suffering from the hottest summer in recorded history, deadly wildfires in Maui, and freakish flooding and destruction in Vermont.
Three HuffPost reporters weigh in on the wins and challenges of Biden's biggest bet.
Americans continue to believe the economy is in bad shape, even as statistics show that, aside from interest rates, it has bounced back from the pandemic.
As others in his party celebrate the Inflation Reduction Act and its green energy policies, the West Virginia senator says it “empowered the growth of fossil fuels."
New limits on drug prices are hard to see, and maybe even harder to explain, but they’re starting to have real effects.
The Democratic senator is under pressure in West Virginia, where GOP Gov. Jim Justice is expected to announce a campaign to oust him in 2024.
Republicans have made a drama out of legislation to hire some 87,000 IRS employees. Either they don't understand the bill, or they're pretending not to.
Republicans took their revenge on Democrat Manchin over his vote last month for Democrats' big climate and health law, the Inflation Reduction Act.
The party’s climate and health care package has done more to help its political fortunes than the bipartisan agreement.