Influencer marketing

Brands often give influencers products for free in the hopes of receiving positive reviews.
Instagram accounts that “expose” female influencers’ digital retouching strive to empower women. In reality, they’re hotbeds for sexist vitriol.
Navigating authenticity on Instagram can be hard these days, but there are influencers out there who are ready for change.
Despite repeated warnings from the FTC, Shay Mitchell and other Instagram influencers are still violating paid advertising rules — and getting away with it.
High-end water bottles are having a major social moment. They’re functional, fashionable and friendly to the environment.
The fashion industry is a big climate culprit, but social media continues to encourage our unsustainable consumption of disposable clothing.
"That is how most physiques are maintained," Ruby Matthews told her followers.
An “influencer manager” dishes on why your favorite influencers are always feuding (and what it might have to do with, uh, “women empowerment”).
The movement has inspired a generation of activists and influencers.
The Republican senator's campaign gave the cash to his son to run its Instagram page and make Facebook and YouTube videos.
Having run a photographic supply business and camera store for over 28 years, I witnessed the dramatic evolution in imaging technology.
Like any startup, we've gone through our fair share of growing pains, which can take a toll on a company's culture. Recently
Phil White, Geometry Global, EVP, Head of Strategy, New York One of the challenges with influencer marketing has always been
Users spend more time on Influencer content than traditional display ads Time spent with long-form content averages 1:55
Influencer marketing is a powerful tool for brands, but influencer marketing backed by data is the holy grail. Utilize the
Celebrities like Selena Gomez may value their Instagram posts at over $500 000, but there are also clusters of micro-influencers
Take good pictures. This is likely stating the obvious but it's startling how many influencers post poor pictures to their
Advertisers must walk a thin line when it comes to influencer marketing. Yes, they have a brand reputation to maintain. But
Through our years of producing countless social media, content marketing and influencer marketing campaigns we have seen a lot of different approaches. We know what works, what doesn't -- and why.
Unlike traditional marketing, this is a collaborative effort. You are inviting influencers into the process, and you will