Consider the last couple weeks a case study in American infomania. Welcome to the viral world of animals kissing; to Snowmageddons, funny dances and two-headed babies; to Kanye spoofs and Jean Claude Van-Damme's "epic split." Welcome, alas, to Flight 370.
LA-based writer and comedian Sergio Cilli (InfoMania on Current TV) has introduced a new Web series where he celebrates the
The biggest film festival in the country is in its finally days in Park City, Utah - Sundance! Or as it's also known, Hollywood
The new year is already overflowing with hot celebrity gossip. Luckily, everyone's two favorite sun-baked hosts are back to bring you the best, only slightly false news out there, from Willow Smith's wedded bliss to Kim's new hair fail.
I'm always eager to hop on a Hollywood trend. So with the success of Modern Family, The Kids Are All Right winning at the Golden Globes and celebrity gays suddenly having children, I decided I should try becoming a dad myself.
But how do you know who to trust for the most intrusive, disrespectful, and destructive information about all your favorite
Weddings have always seemed slightly terrifying. So to get a clearer idea, I asked infoMania's Erin Gibson to take me to a wedding expo and show me everything I need to know.
Everyday I have to fight to be seen as equal to men, and in doing so, I gotta play it cool, keep it steady, don't get upset