Dan Day -- a gun-toting Kansan -- felt a "calling from God" to work with the FBI to prevent militiamen's attack on Muslim refugees.
"Public trust in Orange County’s criminal justice system has been eviscerated," an ACLU staff attorney said.
In the spring of last year, two New York women were arrested on charges of supporting ISIS, following a joint investigation
There are so many sick aspects of the failed drug war, but law enforcement forcing people with a drug arrest to choose between a draconian prison sentence or becoming an informant is one of the most nauseating.
What happens when death is taken off the table? Last week, Missouri's Governor bravely and correctly decided not to execute Kimber Edwards, an autistic man sentenced to death by an all-white jury in 2002 for hiring a hit man to kill his ex-wife.
Carlos Toro spent decades serving and sacrificing for the DEA, but he says they gave him almost nothing in return.
DEA informant Carlos Toro sits down with The Huffington Post to explain how the DEA verbally abuses the informants they rely on to solve high profile cases.
Gonzalez became a paid informant for the agency's office in Miami. Gonzalez's work was so impressive that he spoke at seminars and conferences, delighting in shaking hands with the head of the Secret Service. But this sly devil of deception had tricks up his sleeve all along.
The Drug Enforcement Agency paid over three quarters of million dollars for information that it could have gotten legally and for free. This money went to an Amtrak employee for confidential information about train passengers.
The FBI has also run terrorism sting operations against individuals who weren’t young Muslim men, including four senior citizen