information security

“If you’re an American, your information probably was exposed," said the researcher who found the breach.
Information security has played a significant role in changing the course of government and business in 2016.
On July 6, 2016, Augmented Reality made a great leap forward with the release of Pokémon Go, a mobile game that allows players
There are serious correlations and similarities between smuggling alcohol, piracy in any form -- whether it is the real life bad guys on ghost ships in the seas or digital pirates who download stuff off the internet thinking it's all free while some artist starves to death.
Soon some of us will be enjoying the freedom granted by an Internet-enabled pacemaker. It would be good to have that without the heartache that comes with worrying about what a hacker might do in this new world of implanted Internet-connected medical devices.
I like things simple. When things are simple they are easier to explain, document, implement, revise and manage. Take defense in-depth. Defense in-depth is a term, which means, security implemented in layers.
No matter how big or small your company is we all have something to protect. No matter how many layers of security we have in place, people continue to be the weakest link in their company's Cyber security plan.
"USB Killer" is a device, which can literally fry your computer. The device was hand-made by a Russian hacker, nicknamed as Dark Purple.
For every computer in your workplace, it's crucial that you install a firewall and keep it up to date with the latest antivirus
Do we listen to the DoD or to the PRC government and Senior Colonel Wang XinJun, a researcher at the Academy of Military Sciences in Beijing, who recently stated, "The Chinese government and armed forces have never sanctioned hacking activities"?
The information security evolution in the next 10 to 20 years will focus on three key areas: Infrastructure-Enhanced Security, Enhanced Threat Modeling and Semantic Security.
But not many companies actually report suffering data breaches. Three in ten firms report all data breaches, with the majority
Finally, I am not surprised, but saddened, that so many organizations worldwide continue to underestimate their vulnerability