Informed Consent

As limited in-person schooling resumes, students, teachers and staff are subject to random testing.
Most developed countries do exercise some control over the training and education children receive, imposing various legal
The study's goal -- seeing whether more patients die when residents get less sleep -- is ethically unacceptable because research has definitively shown that residents working very long shifts commit more medical errors than their well-rested counterparts.
Teaching appropriate behavior is also about the basic right to say no. No one can say whether you like something or not. No one can tell you that you had fun when you didn't. Just because you wanted to play Star Wars yesterday does not mean you want to play Star Wars today.
The mind's eye is allowed to peek into the operating room • to note that "the skin slips open like a curtain, the skull flap
State Rep. Mary Lou Marzian said her bill aims to show anti-abortion advocates another side of government involvement in the bedroom.
Elizabeth Ann Glass Geltman is an associate professor at the City University of New York (CUNY) School of Public Health and
Playwright Deborah Zoe Laufer and director Liesl Tommy want to assure you that science can be fun. In pursuit of the noble aim they've gone way out of their way to demonstrate that conviction while putting together Laufer's Informed Consent.
A Native American tribe's tumultuous conflict over genetic research is being brought to harrowing life on the Off-Broadway
Children change so much in response to environment and development that their diagnosis and treatment always requires the greatest care, patience, and time. I can't picture ever starting a child on meds after a brief evaluation, but this is often done.