Informed Consent

For the most part, the empirical information relied upon by the dueling medical associations is the same -- but their interpretation
The study's goal -- seeing whether more patients die when residents get less sleep -- is ethically unacceptable because research has definitively shown that residents working very long shifts commit more medical errors than their well-rested counterparts.
Teaching appropriate behavior is also about the basic right to say no. No one can say whether you like something or not. No one can tell you that you had fun when you didn't. Just because you wanted to play Star Wars yesterday does not mean you want to play Star Wars today.
Neurosurgeon as arbiter, and adjudicator Paul Kalanithi sought to "forge a relationship" with the "identities" of each patient
State Rep. Mary Lou Marzian said her bill aims to show anti-abortion advocates another side of government involvement in the bedroom.
Establishing a principle that the cost of medical care must be balanced as a factor in the welfare of the patient is paramount
Playwright Deborah Zoe Laufer and director Liesl Tommy want to assure you that science can be fun. In pursuit of the noble aim they've gone way out of their way to demonstrate that conviction while putting together Laufer's Informed Consent.
A Native American tribe's tumultuous conflict over genetic research is being brought to harrowing life on the Off-Broadway
Children change so much in response to environment and development that their diagnosis and treatment always requires the greatest care, patience, and time. I can't picture ever starting a child on meds after a brief evaluation, but this is often done.
Decisions about such a personal issue as breast cancer screening must be informed by best evidence and include the patient's risks, her breast tissue composition, and her personal choice and preferences, even if her choices collide with her health care provider's preferences
The argument that drug sales people are educating physicians doesn't pass the laugh test. Their compensation is based on how much product they can move, not on appropriateness of prescription. And no study funded by a drug company can ever be trusted.
Those who defend OHRP's action maintained that the risks even of standard interventions should be disclosed on the consent
Force-feeding started at Guantanamo in response to fear that self-starving captives would stir anti-American ire. It would be ironic were this response itself to rouse worldwide outrage, making allies less likely to collaborate with us and stiffening our enemies' resolve.
While the best way to get consent is verbally, it's not the only option. Yes, consent can be and given and received through other cues such as body language and reciprocation. Yes, can be given in other ways.
Lee Ann Allman, president of Sandton Technologies, created Good2Go along with seven other mothers and fathers of college
A new study poses one of the most vexing ethical questions concerning research with human beings: When is it acceptable to conduct research without the consent of the research subject?
Creating a culture of consent for both genders means acknowledging that "no" means all kinds of things. But, if you're hearing it from someone who identifies as female, it should never be taken as "Yes, I'm a prude, and my goal here is to ruin your fun."
Knowledge really can be power. And, in that spirit, here are some of the websites I've found that do the best job of explaining