Is Senator Bernie Sanders on the verge of morphing from protest leader into potential President of the United States? And would that be good or bad for what has been a strikingly successful cause-oriented campaign?
While Motor City is rolling out some fantastic new vehicles, including life-saving technologies to alert drivers to hazards and in some cases, actively avoid collisions, we must also be wary of superfluous technologies that claim to make our lives easier, but instead put us more at risk.
CNN took off with the Malaysian airliner's disappearance and hasn't landed since. And it has been widely ridiculed for it. But before you laugh, it's worth considering if CNN is onto something here. At least commercially.
I cannot recall a time of meaner politics. There was never a time when politicians of both parties were not only willing, but almost happy, to tear asunder the very fabric of our Constitution. Are you kidding? Of course we don't trust them.
TV is a medium of great power, influence... and profit. One can simultaneously entertain and inspire (enspire?) -- and garner big ratings while doing it. Here is my list of TV's 17 Best Issue-tainment Shows of All Time.
But, 'Charlie,' you're part of the media elite. You anchor a network TV news program. You get daily stints on network radio
Global warming debate isn't really about science or economics at all. It's actually a question of theology. It's really our generational version of the evolution debate that's going on here.
If the world of financial infotainment can itself be described as a "market," it is a market where accountability does not seem to exist.
New Journalism has gone cold, flat, and crowded, as too many books, movies, and TV talking heads showcase journalists calling attention to themselves. Paradigmatic example: Thomas Friedman's new book.
Two "personalities," the patriotic prisoner-of war and the earthy "frontier" governor are trying to appropriate "change" as their theme -- and run against The Firm, headed by an empty suit and a bloviating senior partner.