Is there really that much of a difference between luxury and basic moisturizers? There are a few things to consider.
As many people in the western world pay closer attention to what goes into their bodies, labels, nutrition facts, and wave
What on earth is sodium aluminum phosphate, anyway?
Smoothies offer endless options of ingredients, an easy way to get healthy ingredients into your body and a quick meal on the go.
Here's more than you ever thought you wanted to know about it.
Believe it or not, they're dried fruits, technically speaking.
But recipes? Those can be brief--and maybe they should be, letting the ingredients or the technique speak the loudest. Thick
You're ready for summer grilling. You've purchased the perfect grill, and you've procured the latest, greatest cuts of steak. Cut to you pulling a sizzling steak off the grill and slicing into it, only to find that it's, well, chewy. Why? Because you forgot this.
Who knew ice cream could be so complicated? At the apex of summer, just when we need ice cream most, we're reminded that
Protein powder was traditionally only available in whey, soy and casein, but can now be found in additional forms such as hemp, rice and even pea. Most of the powders you will find contain whey protein, which is a complete protein.
Refined Sugar Ahh, refined sugar or commonly known as white (granulated) sugar, perhaps the most deadly ingredient on this
Panera Bread did not immediately return The Huffington Post's request for comment. According to Panera Bread's in-house nutritionist