Ingvar Kamprad

The Swedish billionaire started the furniture company when he was just 17.
We're assuming the meatballs will have an extra coating of gravy at the museum... and if so, we'll be the first in line. We're
Beyond the bright and shiny showrooms, there's a dark side to Ikea that no number of modular lighting fixtures can brighten
The revelation arrived in a recent Bloomberg story about Inter IKEA Group opening its books, normally kept under wraps by
I was mortified to learn that in the 1970s and '80s IKEA used slave labor. That's what it's called when you use the cut-rate work of political prisoners who get locked up in their cells every night and can't exactly negotiate a raise or even a coffee break.
ENGLEWOOD - The President and CEO of American Furniture Warehouse has never been described as shy. He says he's never been
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Read more on Daily Mail He takes easyJet flights, drives himself around in a 15-year-old Volvo, and has furnished his modest