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Estate planning can be about so much more than planning for death. It can be a holistic process that can set your finances
My mom laughed when I told her I had a will. My grandparents are still alive, and I don't think they have one. Death is still
For more updates, follow Carrie on LinkedIn and Twitter. Consult with an estate planning attorney I have two grown sons: one
What do we do with this house 500 miles away from where we live? This was the question my wife and her sister asked when
Over half the states have enacted legislation allowing transfer on death deeds. Missouri was first in 1989 and, after a pause
As of 2013, American retirees were ranked the sixth most generous in the world in terms of amount of assets passed to family
Both animal and human studies have shown that traits acquired by the parents, such as stress responses or the ability to
Whether it comes from a generous friend, relative or outside source, an unexpected financial windfall can be a life-changing blessing... or a very tough money lesson.
Two years after my father died, I needed a physical to maintain my spot as the worst rower on the freshman heavyweight crew
Wealth management usually comes in two parts: financial planning to increase and manage your wealth, and estate planning to protect and pass the wealth along to heirs with as few taxes as possible.
Disinheritance is becoming a thing, but that doesn't answer the many questions about this story.
There are provisions in the federal Bankruptcy Code that shield a spendthrift trust from creditors' claims; however, distributions
Some commentators also suggest that the entire will signing ceremony be recorded on video as an additional source of evidence concerning the mental state and competency of the testator. This is not legally required and a testator should consult her or his attorney.
Actively making decisions on even a small amount of money can be a valuable experience. How heirs make decisions and problem-solve as a group is at the heart of this exercise.