Syracuse University suspended its chapter of Theta Tau after a video of an initiation ceremony showed members spewing racist, sexist and xenophobic terms
I stood and stretched. The pine rounds we used for seats offered shortlived comfort. Turning to take in the mountains rising behind the house, I was struck once again by the timelessness of the scene.
The fire, too slowly for our senses to note, warms and warms and warms some more. We could lower the flame, but we don't
What helped me through the hurricane was an inner voice coming from a place unknown to me, like the "daemon" of Socrates. For the question, "How can he get over his illness and get well again?" the answer was: "He needs to remember his true self."
We all want those really easy, meaningful, comfortable and deep friendships with no drama, right? Most of us are silently suffering from some form of loneliness as we just keep waiting for those relationships to fall in our laps, the way little girls look for little fairies hovering over flowers.
Jerry had grown up in South Central, was steeped in gang lore and knew the appeal of the gangs to young boys who came from broken homes. But he never in a thousand years thought that his own son would run with the gangs.
It may be the government that calls people to battle, but it is the families and communities of those wounded by war that must help them to heal both the visible and invisible wounds they will carry the rest of their lives.
The claimed need for sacrifice inevitably brings up the question of fairness and the present gross economic inequality, reinforced