Republicans in Utah, Michigan, Wisconsin and elsewhere didn't like what voters chose last year, so they're simply undoing it.
The two ballot initiatives would gradually hike the wage floor to $12 and $11, respectively.
Fearing a blue wave in November, businesses are getting more ambitious in fighting progressive reforms.
A new lawsuit is trying to block voters from creating an independent redistricting commission.
Resilience - failure happens but gritty people know how to recover from failure and become stronger. Kaplan Thaler and Koval
The NPL was as one contemporary observer, Thorstein Veblen described it, "large, loose, animated and untidy, but sure of
In 1789 the franchise was restricted to white men, but not all white men. Only those possessing a minimum amount of property or paid taxes could vote. In 1800, just three states permitted white manhood suffrage-the right to vote-- without qualification.
As a performance management consultant and business owner, I love hearing stories about why and how companies were conceived
Desire is not enough. Passion is not enough. You have to take initiative, give to others, and prepare yourself for a yes. That's the pitch- and that's how you get a TED talk.
You can be one of the people who holds back, waiting to see what everyone else is going to do. Or you can be one of the people who has the courage to bring your full emotional self into everything you do.