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Symptoms The symptoms of trigger finger (flexor tendonitis) are pain that may be located in the palm at the base of the finger
When the patient continues to have pain during activity and also at rest, conservative treatment will not work. If conservative
Diagnoses To diagnose a labral tear, physicians will utilize a combination of physical examinations, imaging and diagnostic
From the back, the SI joint has strong posterior sacroiliac ligaments. The sciatic nerve crosses underneath the piriformis
Injections to the knee joint used to be scary, and almost always involved cortisone. No more. Here is what has changed.
You won't find my face on the other end of any Botox needles. I want to look as young as possible now that I am no longer young. But I also find it useful to be able to register anger with a facial expression, especially because my 10-year-old black lab is somewhat deaf.
Man Suspected Of Sealing Silicone Injections With Krazy Glue
Earlier this month, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention published the first comprehensive report on the fungal meningitis outbreak that has killed 12 and sickened 137. There is much news for us.
As the number of deaths from fungal meningitis mounts, many people want to know how fungal meningitis is diagnosed and treated.