The new rule would potentially deny green cards to immigrants who use of public benefits like Medicaid or food stamps.
The president sought an injunction to block the application of a state law that could allow the Democratic-controlled House to obtain the returns.
Sacramento's business improvement district wants to use a civil injunction to ban seven homeless men from the community.
Prosecutors argued ICE was making immigrants wary of testifying or cooperating in court.
The executive taking funds for a purpose not approved by Congress "does not square with fundamental separation of powers principles," the judge wrote.
The state attorney general called the decision "disappointing" and suggested an appeal.
The soundtrack to the three federal basketball corruption cases is essentially a ticking time bomb, which will inevitably explode.
This order is similar to mandamus in operation and the requirements to obtain, but is utilized to reverse or nullify a prior
The injunction delays one of the president's major reforms at a crucial time.