U.S. District Judge Barbara Rothstein said the social network had fallen short in demonstrating the need for an injunction forcing it back online.
Civil rights groups and local governments had sued the Census Bureau, arguing a shorter process would lead to an undercount, especially in communities of color.
Wilbur Ross announced the end of the census despite a federal judge's ruling that it should continue through the end of October.
The postmaster general and the U.S. Postal Service argue they can't comply with a judge's order to return 700 high-speed mail processors to service.
Postal Service is fighting the order, seeking to continue mailing out the inaccurate postcards.
The injunction was imposed right after the judge dismissed a different legal challenge attempting to stop the statue's removal from Monument Avenue in Richmond.
The new rule would potentially deny green cards to immigrants who use of public benefits like Medicaid or food stamps.
The president sought an injunction to block the application of a state law that could allow the Democratic-controlled House to obtain the returns.
Sacramento's business improvement district wants to use a civil injunction to ban seven homeless men from the community.
Prosecutors argued ICE was making immigrants wary of testifying or cooperating in court.