The WWE star and former UFC champ had a "freak accident" filming a "9-1-1" episode.
The injury happened 33 years to the day after another Washington quarterback suffered a horrific break.
The Supreme Court justice will also resume her legendary workouts next week, her trainer told Vox.
Country singer Carrie Underwood says she “might look a little different” after a fall in November that injured her face and required nearly 50 stitches.
A lawyer for Dr. David Dao, the United Airlines passenger violently removed from his seat Sunday, said Thursday we owe each other an “ordinary care standard.”
There is a welcome lunch break so they trek over to the lodge. Hot coffee, warm cocoa, perhaps a little alcohol, and lunch
Lastly, a small percentage of the population will experience numbness, tingling and fatigue in their arms while hanging lights
It’s fair to say that the vast majority of us spend far too long sitting down every day. Perhaps you’re desk bound all day
ACL injuries in professional football are on the rise. The injury is as least as serious as the "concussion" disaster story we've been hearing about -- but it hasn't changed behavior.
Phase one is pain and freezing. The pain is worse at night and increases with any movement. This pain will also last for
Common Causes Of Heel Pain: 1. Baxter nerve compression (Figure 2) 2. Plantar fasciitis (Figure 2) 3. Fat pad atrophy (Figure
While people who die of drug intoxication may not intentionally overdose, they are engaging in risky life-threatening behavior.
From the beaches of Santa Monica to the streets of Manhattan, there is one constant -- masses of people losing themselves in the virtual splendor of Pokémon Go.
These outward displays of strength and grit are aptly called "ninjuries," and are worn as a badge of honor!
When we are injured, we tend to think about what we can't do. Nature, on the other hand, moves quickly to initiate healing. The self‐repair process is spontaneous, natural, and seeks no direction from us.