"Keep training and stitch up later — rules of the house,” the movie star said.
The "Riverdale" star got metal stitches while shooting the movie "Songbird."
Although the ump briefly left the game, he was back by the third inning.
The woman was reportedly taking pictures near the famous Old Faithful geyser and fell into a thermal feature while backing up.
"It's a scary situation," a New York Islanders teammate said after the game against the Montreal Canadiens.
“This decision is in line with the Athletic Department’s mission,” a school statement said.
Police shot and killed one suspect who they say went on a shooting spree in the Midland and Odessa areas shortly after a traffic stop.
The WWE star and former UFC champ had a "freak accident" filming a "9-1-1" episode.
The injury happened 33 years to the day after another Washington quarterback suffered a horrific break.
The Supreme Court justice will also resume her legendary workouts next week, her trainer told Vox.