inner strength

This lesson may seem difficult at first, but with your persistent wish to understand it, you will one day wonder how you
When you move through resistance-induced discomfort and take action, you gain the obvious benefit of building confidence around that specific skill. But there's a bonus: each time you take action, you're also building confidence in your ability to build confidence.
You can overcome any obstacle.
In reflecting on my experience of being on a bicycle for one week, I noticed some recurring qualities which were present everyday. As a result my days influenced my attitude, emotions, happiness and ultimately triggered my flow state.
At some point in my late twenties I moved onto other teachers and practices, but I've never forgotten my walk over coals with Tony Robbins
"You can have everything in life you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want," says author and
I'll never be thrilled about having MS -- or any of the live-altering events that have happened over the last few years. But I am grateful for the person I'm becoming as a result. Someone more patient, more accepting, more aware of things I'd taken for granted before. Is that the lesson the universe wanted me to learn? Maybe one of them.
I sometimes think that bravery doesn't exist. Bravery is a characteristic that is ascribed to others when they do something that we think we wouldn't be able to do. It's what we say about people who are able to face difficulty and pain without fear. The definition of brave is acting without fear.
Although the process can be both difficult and rewarding, people can find help in relieving the emotional impact of cancer by applying simple, yet scientifically proven, strategies: Reimagine helped me do some of that.
After sending out a blog post recently, I opened my email to find a note that bruised my heart-  like a UFC champion fighter kicking me hard in my chest.
There are four types of this failure that we have mostly all experienced, and we will experience again. Hopefully, but understanding the failure, the meaning, and how we can handle it, we can find ourselves better equipped to deal with it when we experience it again.
Mom and I never talk about her past. She had some pretty traumatic experiences growing up, making it painful to even think about. We don't ever broach the subject. But, she's my mom, so naturally I want to know about that part of her life.
Confidence is an evolving maturity. Sometimes you may get to the quiet strength type of confidence because you've also reached the "I quit" point in your life. Sometimes when you have nothing to lose, you are better able to determine an enhanced life for yourself.
You're stronger than you think.
Find your power.
A word of warning about will power: we do not have an unlimited supply of it. That's right. Each day, we have a limited supply
We all have things we desperately hope for. Things that keep us awake at night. Things we break our hearts over, will fight with everything we are for.