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A bipartisan group of Texas senators and representatives issued two separate but identical letters as support for the death row inmate's commutation grows.
Freedom for Barry Gibbs hasn’t been easy, thankfully he has a friend in Vanessa Potkin.
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Jarrett Adams studied law in prison to help win his exoneration.
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Big Bad Wolf beau stalks her Little Red Riding Hood as her posts go public two years after her murder acquittal.
Lorenzo Johnson served 16 and a half years of a life-without-parole sentence until 2012, when the Third Circuit Federal Court
The donation to the Ohio Innocence Project is believed to be the largest donation to any program of its kind.
MR: You’ve put a lot of your life into so many humanitarian and political causes. How do you personally keep the stamina
Without in any way minimizing the unforeseen difficulties involved in achieving any single criminal justice reform, this is one problem we can solve with a co-operative, good faith effort by multiple stakeholders. Why not just do it?
The vast majority of prosecutors are true professionals, keenly aware of their immense power and its consequent responsibility. They form accurate conclusions on guilt far more often than the converse. Still, cognitive bias and overconfidence touch us all.
This also doesn't always happen, and can be hugely damaging, as is the stigma of having been in prison- guilty or not. Imagine
But even if West saw what he claims to have seen, his testimony is suspect under the circumstances in this case. Bite-marks
Today marks Belynda Goff's nineteenth Mother's Day as an incarcerated mother, serving a life sentence for a murder she did not commit. In 1994 Belynda, then 32 years old, lived in Green Forest, Arkansas and worked at the local Tyson plant. She was a mother of three - Stephen Lee, 3 years old, Mark, 7, and Bridgette, 15.
We run from that which makes us uncomfortable, and those convicted of crime can easily give us that feeling. In the case of Darryl Hunt, I plan to sit with this discomfort and ask myself what care a free person deserves--no matter their past.
But as a former defense attorney, Hillary knows better. She knows there's no consistent way to reserve executions for just
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