Innocence Project

A bipartisan group of Texas senators and representatives issued two separate but identical letters as support for the death row inmate's commutation grows.
Freedom for Barry Gibbs hasn’t been easy, thankfully he has a friend in Vanessa Potkin.
Sponsored by National Geographic's "The Story of Us With Morgan Freeman"
Jarrett Adams studied law in prison to help win his exoneration.
Big Bad Wolf beau stalks her Little Red Riding Hood as her posts go public two years after her murder acquittal.
It's the same pattern of misconduct, in exoneration after exoneration. When will there be accountability for the officers
The donation to the Ohio Innocence Project is believed to be the largest donation to any program of its kind.
A Conversation with Joan Baez Mike Ragogna: Joan, why did you become involved with the Innocence Project and Network? Joan
Without in any way minimizing the unforeseen difficulties involved in achieving any single criminal justice reform, this is one problem we can solve with a co-operative, good faith effort by multiple stakeholders. Why not just do it?
The vast majority of prosecutors are true professionals, keenly aware of their immense power and its consequent responsibility. They form accurate conclusions on guilt far more often than the converse. Still, cognitive bias and overconfidence touch us all.