Insane Clown Posse

Violent J told HuffPost that an Atlantic piece comparing Juggalos to Donald Trump and his supporters needed better fact-checking.
So sing Post Death Soundtrack of Lewis Carroll's Alice on their track of the same name from their forthcoming LP, The Unlearning
The two other friends of Kendall's that came with him, Twiztid's FrightFest here in Detroit wasn't just their first Twiztid
It's the season of the pumpkin, the time of the year best to enjoy the music of Twiztid. The Detroit horror duo has enjoyed a long career of gruesome raps with all the theatrics embedded into it.
With their latest release, The Marvelous Missing Link: Found, ICP renews its faith in a world flooded with all sorts of crazy acts and events, where understanding is constantly needed.
During a lengthy period of ICP's career, they were deemed the most hated band in the world.
When you follow a rap group like Twiztid for so long, you realize that for some artists, it isn't about if you like their new song, or how many albums they will sell the first week, or if this song will get radio play.
11. The near Srirachapocalypse of 2014. 4. The great migration of the Gathering of the Juggalos. He first reappeared on Drake's