insanity defense

Those judged to be criminally insane often receive better mental health treatment than practically anybody else — including people who have never committed a crime.
Despite popular belief, the relationship between mental health and crime suggest that more inmates could use the benefit of treatment rather than being put behind bars.
The question that hangs in the air at these sort of proceedings has always been the same: Is there a way to make determinations more scientific and less traditionally judicial?
Regardless of the clinical assessments, jurors are likely to have a hard time detaching their emotions from the grueling
At the heart of the NGRI defense is the claim the defendant either lacked the capacity to know right from wrong (was brain-damaged, intellectually impaired) or had a mental disorder when the crime was committed, causing an inability to act within the law's requirements.
Andre Thomas was convicted of killing his estranged wife and their two children, a 4-year-old boy and 13-month old girl. With
William Hazlitt described Lamb as the most "reasonable woman" he ever knew. Reasonable seems an odd choice to describe a woman who, in a "fit of mania," killed her mother with a kitchen knife.
A former Chicago high school basketball standout tearfully told a courtroom full of friends and family today that he doesn't
Explaining his motives behind the balloon hoax in open court, Mr. Heene haltingly told the judge, "I did it... for the show."
A common response to the news goes something like this: "What is this guy, nuts?" In the end, Blago's nuttiness may be his best defense.