Many times during these years I've wanted to hide. Sometimes I have hidden. Yesterday, after receiving an accusation I was
Mamas, no, you’re not failing; you love your babies fiercely.
Yes, it can be done.
I'm aware that I can't hide everything from my growing daughter, but an honest effort on my part needs to be made. She will be 10 this year and is increasingly more curious in her knowledge of a young girl's role in life. I'm trying to raise the most confident woman I can.
Sponge Bob lives in a pineapple under the sea and he's okay with that. As he always says, "Be true to yourself." I know I'm
By now, kids are back into the swing of school, reestablishing seats in the cafeteria, slipping prohibited gum paraphernalia into their pockets, and whispering in the hallways about the latest crushes. But not every kid is skipping off the bus each day.
One of the biggest fears that I think we all have is the fear of success, and the fear to discover our true essence and potential. What if you discover all that you really are able to achieve? What if you find a more direct way to successfully conquer your goals but where are you going to first need to test all your fears, prove your worth, your principles and your integrity?
Or let's say you sincerely wish to help that rabbit hole person with the vacant or angry eyes. Are you prepared for this