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The actor wrote he was "over the moon" for Moore, but offered a gentlemanly denial to the claim in her new autobiography "Inside Out."
The way a culture responds to those with intellectual and developmental disabilities is shaped, in large part, by how disabilities
The movie "Bad Moms" just opened in US theaters, and while it's a comedy about some ridiculous standards the movie Moms are called to meet, the truth is not so far off. Mom shaming is rampant -- made worse by the constant comparisons brought to our doorsteps every moment by social media.
We pull into 950 Mason Street, at the Fairmont San Francisco, at the peak of Nob Hill. It is majestic. This building a part
There is nothing like some home-made vegan food and a little wine to bring out the funny in comedians-actresses Lori Alan and Mary Birdsong.
Dessert Thanks to Chefs and Contributors: Matt Laud, Christina Cody, Emma Chase, Philip Guidon and Bailey Roese. All gifs
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Getting Hollywood back to Hollywood is a big job, but the Made In Hollywood Honors now has the organizational players who
As you move about your day, remember we all have inner dialogues happening. Stop focusing on the surface of what you can see. Dig deeper and begin to understand those around you. When you begin to understand others more deeply, you can also begin to understand yourself more deeply.
The Revenant has amassed 12 Oscar nominations, most notably for Best Picture, Best Director and Best Actor. Really? I'd give