Inspector General

The potential ethics violations were sent last year to the Justice Department, which declined to investigate Trump's transportation secretary.
An unpublished inspector general report obtained by HuffPost raises concerns about longtime GOP operative Cam Henderson, who is close to Mike Pompeo.
An inspector general investigation’s draft report says Jeff Sessions, Rod Rosenstein and other top former Department of Justice officials were instrumental in separating migrant families at the border.
“We need to take away children,” the then-attorney general told Justice Department prosecutors, according to a draft inspector general's report.
Prosecutors quit when Attorney General Barr forced a lighter sentence for Trump confidant Roger Stone, who dodged prison entirely after Trump commuted it.
The inspector general's report also criticized the department's "lax enforcement of wage and hour laws" at a time when workers desperately need support.
Democratic lawmakers are demanding a criminal investigation, saying political appointees "orchestrated a coverup to protect" Secretary David Bernhardt.
Secretary of State Mike Pompeo reportedly took his wife on a pricey trip to the Middle East, which was partially funded by taxpayer dollars during the government shutdown last year.
Christi Grimm, the agency's acting inspector general, led a report detailing hospitals' difficulty fighting the coronavirus. Trump called it "Another Fake Dossier!"
Glenn Fine had been tasked with monitoring the federal government’s coronavirus relief spending before being removed last month.