Inspector General

"What happened to me and my brother is an outrage — one of many committed by the former president and his staff," Yevgeny Vindman said.
The former Interior Department chief remained directly involved in a Montana real estate project after joining the Trump administration.
The Interior Department's Ben Cassidy had direct contact with former NRA colleagues and helped install gun advocates on two advisory councils.
Conservatives have for weeks demanded an investigation into Carlson’s claim that a major U.S. spy agency targeted him, but he has provided no evidence.
The potential ethics violations were sent last year to the Justice Department, which declined to investigate Trump's transportation secretary.
An unpublished inspector general report obtained by HuffPost raises concerns about longtime GOP operative Cam Henderson, who is close to Mike Pompeo.
An inspector general investigation’s draft report says Jeff Sessions, Rod Rosenstein and other top former Department of Justice officials were instrumental in separating migrant families at the border.
“We need to take away children,” the then-attorney general told Justice Department prosecutors, according to a draft inspector general's report.
Prosecutors quit when Attorney General Barr forced a lighter sentence for Trump confidant Roger Stone, who dodged prison entirely after Trump commuted it.
The inspector general's report also criticized the department's "lax enforcement of wage and hour laws" at a time when workers desperately need support.