inspector spacetime

Our favorite greendale study group's senior year has definitely not been all that bad, as exemplified by the exceptional "Herstory of Dance" episode. We saw Britta achieve success against all odds, Abed demonstrate emotional growth and Jeff get some closure for his daddy issues. Thus, inspired by four years of exceptional "small" mistakes, we bring you our pick of most Britta'd moments. Here's hoping six seasons and a movie will come about to embody the latter definition of Britta-ing.
One of the most cruel April Fools' jokes we've come across today involved Peter Dinklage leaving "Game of Thrones", which
It was the American "Inspector Spacetime," starring Luke Perry and Jennie Garth from "Beverly Hills, 90210." And, because
Update: An earlier version of this article mistakenly stated that Richey received a cease and desist order from Sony -- as
But Moffat generally adhered to his spoiler-averse reputation and stuck to his maxim of, "If you want to know what happens