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This is the thought that crossed my mind as we packed up to leave Florida last Friday. I'd just spent a week on the beach with my family and dear friends, away from the noise and distractions of everyday life. Finding joy in the beauty of nature, the laughter of my kids, and quiet moments with my wife.
Brooke Astor said, "Power is the ability to do good things for otherss". Jean Shafiroff in her new book "Successful Philanthropy
Unless you are determined to be miserable (which, strangely enough, some people are), these books will change your life for the better.
How do we open ourselves up to life's joy and the heart's peace? Elizabeth Lesser has been helping me answer this question
The list included authors from Henry Kissinger to John Milton, and genres including classic novels, epic poems, short stories
Originally published on Kirkus Too many books sold on the inspirational shelves at bookstores are anything but—the advice
Wayne Gretsky is often quoted for saying, "You miss 100 percent of the shots you never take." The man is right: In order
For more inspiration, click here. Some prompt new perspective (from, say, a dog), and others pull us out of ruts to bring
Call us bibliophiles if you must, but virtually all books make us smile. We love getting lost on an intricate journey, connecting
What makes TED's titles stand out is their use of the existing Atavist platform. Founded by Wired journalist Evan Ratliff
From Writer's Relief: The books we read as children were written to teach us important lessons about various topics including
That's what optimism is, after all: a belief that your life is going to work out for the best. However sad or challenging an experience might feel in the moment, there is a benefit to be gained. Centuries of literature have taught us this lesson over and over.