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"My experience as a pastor is lots of people have really toxic, dangerous, psychologically devastating images of God in their
No, I'm not cutting services, but I'm cutting spending. But I may cut Department of Education. -Donald Trump Just as the
Here are some original quotes I created in the spirit of welcoming 2017 with open arms: Dr. Greg Kushnick is a Manhattan
5. "Half the fascination an Antarctic expedition possesses is to be found in the sharpness of the contrasts experienced during
The truth is, when we feel energized and happy, we are more easily able to enjoy the hectic times that come during this time of year. And when we are happier, the people around us are happier too.
Your letter is not about your ex being a d*ck. If he were a d*ck, you would have stopped thinking about him by now. But you are thinking about him. Almost a year later, and you're reaching out to me, too. You said you shouldn't be thinking about him though. Has someone told you that? Often our friends do.
Learning to love myself means learning to love others. I've discovered they are both sides of the same coin. To quiet the self-berating voice in my mind, I had to stop finding fault in people.
One of the questions I get repeatedly asked is "what's it like to start your own business?" and I can see the clarity the women writing to me are seeking behind that question.
Being in the now, means no longer trying to make things happen. I began letting problems work themselves out. I stopped trying