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While many states around the U.S. have released information to the public about the frequency and routes of trains carrying oil obtained from hydraulic fracturing ("fracking") in North Dakota's Bakken Shale basin, holdouts still remain. Why the delay? Homeland security concerns, claim some companies.
An article in a terror magazine that is said to have inspired the Boston Marathon bombings has the attention of the New York Police Department once again.
"They are all yearning to fulfill their duty of Jihad...," the editorial continues. "The American government was unable to
Former Rep. Barney Frank was recently condemned by al Qaeda publication Inspire Magazine for being gay, but he's not upset. Instead, he said, he finds it ironic.
In an interview with BuzzFeed, Frank compared the al Qaeda criticism to the responses he's received from conservative Americans
When Al Qaeda in Yemen rolled out the first issue of "Inspire" magazine in June of 2010, it inspired more than just terrorism. The media went slightly nuts as well.
Bin Laden's writings discuss his strategic goal of carrying out attacks that would prevent President Obama from being re
A senior U.S. law enforcement official has told CNN that U.S. intelligence believes the principal author of the new online
As the U.S. struggles to manage its efforts to influence opinion about Al Qaeda abroad, Al Qaeda on the Arabian Peninsula