The grocery delivery company faced scrutiny after reports revealed that customer tips were being used to pay workers' wages.
As on-demand companies like Uber and Instacart find savvy ways to navigate employment law, the misclassification of employees as independent contractors allows them to maximize profits at their workers' expense.
Who better to skewer one of the most heinous digibabble obfuscations of our time -- instant delivery -- than Dickens... And when better to do it than during "holiday" time?
While other professions have been completely transformed by technology, the day-to-day practices of lawyers have remained largely the same.
The next challenge facing Syrian Refugees, and what you can do to help. notes- text only, bold is colored
It's an increasingly inescapable truth that no industry, no technology, and no way of doing things is safe from startups. We saw it with music distribution, then film distribution, and now we're seeing it with hiring cars, renting a place to stay, and grocery shopping.
In today's app economy, part-time work just isn't what it used to be.
Distance sucks, but I treat my relationship as an utmost priority, the same way I treat everything else that matters most to me in life. Being busy is no excuse to bury your relationship on your priority list.
Here's a breakdown of what the items I bought from Instacart would cost if they were purchased elsewhere: "[We are] looking
While Instacart has been a hit in the Bay Area, TechCrunch questioned whether Chicago's typically unpredictable climate -- especially