On Wednesday, Instagram announced a huge leap in users. Three hundred million people now log in each month to thumb through
Bolt could be Instagram’s own Snapchat clone, perhaps because adoption of the Snapchat-like feature Instagram Direct -- which
Instagram had a big year. After all, eight short months ago the little photo-sharing app was purchased by Facebook for hefty
Instagram almost had a perfect year. Almost. So what happened?
Much of the Instagrab controversy and negative PR could likely have been avoided had Instagram clarified its intent at the outset, rather than backtrack as a result of a massive Internet outcry.
Please remember that photographers deeply care about their work, which is dangerous for you because photographers now account for a majority of the first world's population.
Facebook also wants to loosen the restrictions on how members of the social network can contact other members using the Facebook
By Alexei Oreskovic Facebook said in a statement that it was pleased that the FTC has cleared the transaction. The company
(Reuters) - The U.S. Federal Trade Commission has reached out to Google Inc and Twitter in an investigation into Facebook
What do you think about Facebook's acquisition of Instagram? Do you think the social network made the right move? Share your
One billion dollars is a pretty huge price to pay for an 18-month-old, thirteen-person company with no revenue. But, apparently
Facebook, the Silicon Valley rebel that rebuffed Yahoo's 10-figure check, broke rules, and had the audacity to imagine itself taking over the web, has officially completed its transition from "cool" to "corporate" in the eyes of the Internet.
551-day-old app Instagram sold for a billion dollars, while the 116-year-old New York Times is valued at $967 million. But it's stood the test of time in a way that not even the greatest social network will be able to.
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Understanding Facebook's Instagram affair means starting with the simple fact that the app mastered an activity that makes up the heart and soul of Facebook: sharing photos among friends.
Facebook is dumping a whopping $1 billion for Instagram, a company that is less than two years old and has no revenue. Here are the numbers behind the purchase.
But it got HuffPost College thinking, what else could $1 billion pay for? In the past week, Facebook bought Instagram for
The beauty and the magic of the app space right now is that the barriers to entry are still small and the distribution platform so immense, that a company none of us have even heard of today could be acquired for billions by year-end.