"All About Almodóvar" Retrospective at Cinefamily, January 6 - 22 Installation view of 3D recreation of Lichtenstein's Bedroom
Susan Melly: Table Victor Wilde: Ordo ab chao Victor Wilde, as the founder and chief designer of punk couture fashion and
Erika Lizée's exotic, illusionistic paintings extend into quasi-sculptural installations that nimbly occupy literal and liminal space at the same moment.
'Explorers, In the pursuit of The Terra Cognita', invites artists to consider the idea of exploration in the contemporary
The installation offers visitors a chance to do some "spiritual pondering," said artist Liz West.
Pak doesn't so much sculpt wood, as she sculpts its ability to be transformed.
Behind the shield of sanctioned satire, giddy absurdity, and self-deprecation, as Neil Gaiman wrote in Dream Country, "It is a fool's prerogative to utter truths that no one else will speak." That is Rory Devine's kind of fool.
What motivates a Danish artists' group to make a movie where one of the most famous American fast food restaurants is inexplicably flooded?
On the official first day of the 2015 Art Basel in Miami, one venue stood out on North Miami's beach front in what appeared to be a decaying old motel trapped in Florida's rich retro past.