Alan Cumming is making history as the first openly gay character in a TV drama.
Hannah makes her almost-80-year-old grandad a child again, he makes her light up, they make each other laugh and sparkle.
We all have awareness and a sense of what we want in life. We already know what feels right and is the right direction for each of us toward our own happiness. So listen to your soul's GPS and seize upon your moment!
Why hadn't I seen it earlier? Why hadn't I pressed the doctor sooner, trusted my instincts? In my determination to be a reasonable, rational mother, I'd pushed away the possibility of harm and hurt and less-than. Because my love could not bear that worry, I'd created my own blind spot.
He spoke with the woman after the incident, who was grateful for his help. She has seven grandchildren, and is lucky to be
Yeah, I know, I'm in the deep end of the philosophical pool here. It is called: Free Will. How many opportunities have I
"And when he said it, bells went off in my head," he says. "Because all of a sudden, I realize I am seated between intellect
"When I am in the area when I am using my instinct to creatively function I am passionate, I am empowered, I am motivated. Nothing is difficult to do."
Bishop T.D. Jakes' new book "INSTINCT: The Power to Unleash Your Inborn Drive" hits bookshelves May 6. He shows us how to unlock our inner rhythm and realize life's full potential.