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My wife teaches music in Iowa’s most urban school district. She is assigned to ten different schools where she often teaches
Baby diapers are taxed in most states. Adult incontinence products are more likely to be exempt. There is a reason why sales tax usually does not apply to food or medicine. They are necessities. In what world are diapers not?
In terms of the overall tax burden (state, local, federal), the top 1 percent don't even pay that much more as a percentage of their income than do the bottom 20 percent. Think about that for a minute. But you knew that, right, Mitt?
The rich snicker as the vast majority of Americans are so distracted they don't focus on record corporate profits, on record low corporate tax payments or on lobbyists buying tax breaks for corporations and loopholes for offshore accounts.
Wiehe also pointed to proposals in North Carolina which would cut income taxes by $10 billion and corporate taxes by $1 billion
For the 99 percent of Americans who don't use lobbyists to bend the tax rules, Tax Day is a day for reflecting on why we pay taxes.
The findings may seem contradictory with recent news that the U.S. has the highest corporate tax rate among developed nations
"Unfortunately, many politicians won't consider touching the gas tax," said Carl Davis, senior analyst at ITEP and author
The fact that companies are paying no taxes when America's working families are still struggling to winter what Fed Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke continues to recognize as a failed or failing recovery is a prime example of what is exacerbating income inequality in America.
"The truth is that over the past 10 years Wells Fargo has paid more than $30 billion in income taxes to federal and state