I am an instrumentalist. It's part of my musical identity and is becoming more fascinating to the mainstream and average listener. I truly believe when we look back on 2016, we will have witnessed the rebirth of live instrumentation, Funk, and Jazz into mainstream music.
If some of these instruments sound more like noisemakers than music-makers, just wait until your kids start playing real instruments.
Recently I had the chance to talk with composer Jozef van Wissem. I discovered his work after Sacred Bones sent me his score for the film Partir To Live, which is in collaboration with Domingo Garcia-Huidobro of Föllakzoid.
When I asked him what he did, his answer ignited another kind of magic -- his journey as a talented musician to the world renowned orchestra. How could I resist interviewing him?
The machine puts out hundreds of sparks per second, which work like a sound wave. Changing the frequency of the sparks, changes
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I must be crazy. I know that I have a great fiddle but, somehow, 11 years later, I also know that this isn't my final instrument. I am looking for my own beautiful Guad like Bernie still dreams about. I am looking for my final viola...
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"I work full-time and work on Marching Mountains on the side," he says. "I'm fortunate in that I've done well enough in my